Workshop Series


Dancing 2 Empowerment

Sometimes we may feel stressed out, upset, depressed and frustrated. It can be difficult to deal with life’s obstacles, especially when all you are trying to do is live your best life. Although life does not always seem fair, there are ways to help cope with our daily struggles, such as dancing. Dancing is one of several healthy positive coping skills that can be utilized during difficult times to help reduce negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Now of course you do not have to be experiencing negative thoughts or feelings in order to engage in dance or any other healthy coping skills. You can engage in them simply because it is what you love to do and/or makes you happy! So if you are interested in learning a fun dance combination choreographed by the beautifully talented Asja Stamps, and would like to learn more about mental health and how the power of coping skills can have a positive impact on your life