Feeling lost and alone has been the foundation of your existence. With several reasons for substance use, I am certain it started with wanting to numb the pain and suffering of your past. Or attempting to forget a memory from repeating. Once the dust has cleared, the pain, the memories, and the suffering remain.

Along the Way You Lost Control.

Family and friends cannot recognize you. Most importantly, you cannot recognize yourself. Addiction affects our lives, our families and our future. Feeling tired with the cycle. Hence, the reason you have arrived at this page. Substance Abuse Treatment is the next step to begin the process of recovery.

There are various reason as to why you began using. In most cases, it begins with curiosity, wanting to have an enjoyable time with friends, stress relief, or depression. Use begins by choice. Unfortunately, with frequent use, your brain and body becomes dependent on the increased dopamine levels. At this point, drug use no longer becomes casual but problematic. Interfering with your work, and your relationships.

CJL Counseling Services offers a personalized substance abuse therapy, which engages the support of the family and loved ones. As a process of treatment, together we will determine your needs before developing a treatment plan. Each person is different and there is no one specific way to manage substance abuse. To break the vicious cycle, we must evaluate the social, emotional, and environmental factors impacting your life.

After developing effective key skills, the road to recovery can be less complicated. With a therapist, you will have the ability to stay focused and motivated to maintain abstinence. No matter how long you suffered with your addiction, therapy is always a click away.