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Trauma and Substance Abuse

Addressing Trauma is the foundation of our services. A great deal of our decision making, inability to build healthy relationships and our emotional response derives from the unresolved trauma experienced. Therefore, we understand the importance of helping individuals resolve the trauma to help reduce the chances of relapsing. Our trauma therapist and substance abuse counselor work together because they understand that treating the substance use only is only providing a small band aid for a big wound.

Couples  and Family Therapy

We understand that finding a balance is often hard. Our couples therapist has 10 years of experience with LGBT concerns, communication struggles, parenting and counseling for blended families and separation issues. As well as marital and premarital issues, we bring a holistic approach, our therapists and counselors work together to provide a holistic approach for the family.  Our main objective to help families find a balance within themselves and for the family as a whole.

Innovative Modalities

At CJL Counseling  and Associates our treatment method depends on the individual or family we are serving. We are fully aware that a cookie cutter treatment plan is not effective. Therefore, we take enough time to learn more about you and your needs.  We provide a supportive and practical approach is used to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. Compassion and understanding is used to help clients build on strengths and attain personal growth.

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Group Counseling

Let’s Talk Sex, Relationships, and Love: Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Talking about sex continues to be a taboo in our society. Often, individuals will think of sex as something we do for reproduction, to show interest to person, or a manner to be the life of the party. The reality is that our sex life takes place in our minds. For all genders, our thoughts play and feeling play a very vital role in getting us turned on and staying that way. Struggling with mental health disorder can have an impact on your sexual health. In variety of forms, your mental health can hurt a person’s self-esteem and make them feel unworthy of sexual attention. Our presenters will assist you with understanding your body, your sexuality while understanding positive sex.

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Sistah Circle

This weekly group provides a safe space in which women can explore issues such as loss, stress, relationships, sadness/anxiety, and spirituality. The meeting is particularly relevant for Black women who have an interest in examining how the intersecting dynamics of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation impact one's personal identity, interpersonal relationships, and sense of the world.

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Substance Abuse Group

Substance Group: I Am Ready

Group therapy creates a safe place and deeper sense of self-reflection. In this setting, individuals will learn how to relate to others, challenge their perceptions, and build relationships, which they may have had trouble doing while struggling with addictions.

Family Support Group

This group is for family members, friends, loved ones or caregivers of individuals who are suffering from a substance addition. The group is free and are held weekly. The objective of this group is to verbalize emotional difficulties, concerns and find emotional support within a safe environment. Group participants will obtain a renowned sense of hope and skills.

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Coping Power Youth - Based Program

This is a youth-based program to assist youth in developing coping skills to assist with anger management, conflict resolution and develop effective communication skills.  You will receive therapeutic support services in a small group atmosphere. The purpose of this is provide psycho-education and therapeutic recreation activities that focus on social and emotional skill building.



A Group for All Women

Research continued to show us the connection between trauma and substance abuse. It is our motivation to help women become empowered in the mist of her trauma and substance use. This support group focuses on defining who we are as women, understanding the connection between trauma and substance use and developing positive coping skills.

We are accepting new clients for the 15-week group session.

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We offer additional groups on topics and skills such as:

Trauma Group for Women

Trauma /Social Skills Group for Young Women

Substance Abuse Group: I am Ready

Caregiver Support Group

Building Healthy Relationship


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