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Pat Windsor, LCSW

I am a network therapist with Blue Cross, Aetna & other insurances with offices on the south side of Chicago. For 25+ years I have helped individuals, couples and families successfully deal with relationship conflicts, parenting dilemmas, depression, stress and anxiety. My experience includes working with several community mental health centers, Employee Assistance Programs and military families. I work with individuals (seniors, adults and youth), couples and families based on their distinct needs, qualities and strengths.

Specialties: Couples counseling, anxiety and depression, using an eclectic approach, tailored to your specific situation. My practice focuses on treating the entire person from a mind-body-spirit perspective using talk therapy techniques, cognitive-behavioral therapy, communication training, guided imagery, and other change methods.

For couples work, I use tests which help identify your unique personality needs and expectable communication challenges. I use variety of fun & different ways to assist you with change. For individual clients, we have many choices as well, gaining insight using art, music, dream analysis, relaxation techniques, imagery and meditation.