Kyla O’Neal, NCC, LCPC

The journey through life can be very challenging at times, causing confusion, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, fear and even anger. Are you or your child struggling with coping with a traumatic event? Are you unable to gain control of an addiction or addictive behaviors that negatively impact your life? Has life transitions got you stressed and unable to see things clearly? If so, congratulations on being courageous in making an important step towards discovery in a safe, non-judgmental and empowering environment. You are one step closer to a new path of opportunity for clarity, change and growth.

I am a skilled, culturally sensitive, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I practice promoting positive mental health in today’s complex and diverse population. Additionally, I incorporate an integrative approach to therapy and believe the path to healing is unique to each individual. My mission is “A Clearer View to a Newer You.”

In a collaborative effort, our first appointment is designed to help determine appropriateness, as well as determine your needs and expectations. It is also the beginning of building a trusting relationship. Supervision to new and developing professionals available upon request. Flexible scheduling is also available including weekends and late evenings.