Jevita Hamiliton LCSW

My goal is to provide a relaxing, safe environment, where you are free to journey toward your intended destination. Each conversation is tailored specifically for the individual, understanding that you are unique and through effective communication, together we will find your counseling style. Time is taken to get to know you before asking about problems and offering solutions. First-time visitors can expect to complete an intake packet, which takes approximately 15 minutes. After the packet is completed, relax. Wait time is usually less than 10 minutes.

As a therapist, together we will look at the entire person, offering a holistic approach in every conversation. Understanding that you are a multi-dimensional individual and time will be taken to get to know all aspects of your whole person.

Often times, we as humans, lead a very busy life not free from severe life stress. Sometimes it seems we have tried everything and are just shy of reaching our goal. Reaching out to a counselor can be overwhelming, because you really want to find someone that you can connect with and have flexibility with your busy schedule.

 As Georgia State University trained LCSW, whose practiced for over ten years, it's my goal to offer flexible services that fits within your lifestyle. Evening and weekend hours are available.