CJL Counseling Services and Associates


Our Mission:


CJL Counseling and Associates also known as CJL Counseling Services LLC was birth from the passion to assist individuals with developing the life he or she deserves, while addressing the pain and hurt of the past. We pride ourselves on being the light at the end of the tunnel for those who have felt trapped within their anxiety, depression, and trauma. We are motivated to build our practice as a lighthouse to those living in darkness.


Who We Are

We specialize in trauma therapy, children therapy, couples therapy, and substance abuse counseling. We can serve all no matter age, gender, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or spirituality; while being able to remain sympathetic to the unique strengths and the challenges faced by individuals.

Our therapist/counselors have years of experience and dedication to providing the proper treatment and awareness about mental health through community workshops.

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Our Services

We provide various treatment options and support groups, allowing many to choose the best method of interventions.

Our core belief is accepting our clients and meeting them where they are and providing the proper interventions, support and positive coping skills to help them achieve the proper peace of mind they deserve.


trauma therapy

We fully understand the struggles of living with the past, while attempting to live in the present. Having difficulties with trusting love ones and friends. Easily angered by the actions or gestures of another person. Isolating yourself from others. Having difficulty with sleeping, eating and feeling jumpy. Trauma affects the way we interact with others, our ability to function daily and how we perceive the world around us. Unfortunately, many will believe the emotional and physical anguish he or she has experience is a part of life.

Substance Abuse Counseling

We offer a personalized substance abuse counseling, which engages the support of the family and loved ones. With a substance abuse counselor, you will have the ability to stay focused and motivated to maintain abstinence. No matter how long you suffered with your addiction.

Couples and Family Therapy

We see couples at all stages of their relationships. Many are considering marriage, to newlyweds, and married couples struggling with family concerns such as financial, wanting to start a family, or dealing with behavioral problems from their children. Many are hovering close to divorce and uncertain about whether to continue their marriages. With our assistance, we will help families work through the behavioral problems, building healthy communications.

Children And Adolescent Therapy

Our children are facing peer pressure, academic pressure, shifts managing their emotions. Therapy will help build communication within the parent-child relationship, building self-confidence, and building a foundation of coping skills for the rest of their lives.


Consultation and Supervision

Internship Opportunities

CJL Counseling Interns are provided numerous learning and networking opportunities. We have a supportive and collaborative culture within the practice. The objective is to nurture all clinical interests including Trauma work, child and adolescents, families, couples, eating disorders, substance use disorders as well as general psychological or adjustment issues.

Throughout the Internship there are several focused in-services offered including visiting experts in the field including Psychiatrists and Specialists. Previous ones have included experts/topics on Best practices in LGBTQ client care, Trauma Informed work, Ethics and Grief Work.

Consultation and Supervision

We offer comprehensive consulting services for Chicago and Illinois therapists requiring clinical supervision, those who are starting a new practice, or established professionals who would like additional clinical support or assistance growing their network and enhancing their current business. 

Consulting services are offered in person and through video online.  

·       Clinical supervision for students or recent graduates working towards licensure

·       Consulting services to new and seasoned therapists

·       Consulting to organizations looking to contract out for supervision for licensed and unlicensed staff


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Consultation / Supervision

We offer clinical supervision of newly licensed Chicago, Suburban or Illinois Therapist and consult with established professionals seeking to enhance their practice or organization.