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Finding Positivity in Your Life

As we reach the end of the year, many of us are trying to re-evaluate where this year has gone or where our life is going.  You are sitting back and counting the worst things that have happened to you and your family while ignoring the positive that has occurred as well. Do not worry, it is something we all do. From my experience as a therapist and just as being a human being, we accept the negative more than we can accept the positive. Especially, when all we have experienced in life is trauma.

Trauma forces us to live with the idea that we deserve the worst things and that this is part of life. Forcing us to relive the hardest moment in our minds and to see our pain, humiliation, and anger all over again. Allowing the worst incidents in our lives to be our fault.   How can someone look within his or herself and find that optimistic view of life?

This is not an easy task. The main goal is to begin thinking differently about yourself, the world around you and your future. Especially, if you sit back and realize how often you have negative thoughts in life.  Unfortunately, this becomes a routine. You must find a way to break the cycle.

Let us start a 30-day challenge to Finding Positivity in your life.  Attempt to master each topic each day-- and if one day seems more difficult to complete, attempt to try it another day.

Disclaimer: This challenge does not take away from seeking the help of a professional.  Follow CJL Counseling Services on Facebook to learn more.  

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30. Write 10 qualities you like about yourself.

29. Start a Journal

28.  Make a list of accomplishments

27. Listen to your favorite music before bed

26. Write your goals for 2018

25. Pick an affirmation for the day

24. List 20 things you do well

23. Make a list of what you are grateful for.

22. Take a warm bath/shower

21. Read a book

20. Meditate for 10 minutes

19. NO social media for ten days

18. NO Complaining for 24 hours

17. Spend time with friends

16. Set boundaries

15. Free write in your journal

14. Write down some things you learned about yourself

13. Take a mental health day

12. Choose a positive mantra

11. Breathing Exercise

10. Journal your experience without social media

09.  Go out on a date alone

08. Do one thing to work towards your goals

07. Concentrate on the things you can control

06. Question your negative thinking

05. Color today

04. Watch a Ted Talk on YouTube

03. Be open about your feelings

02. Do not overthink, practice being present

01. Write a goodbye letter to your past