Finding Positivity in Your Life

Trauma forces us to live with the idea that we deserve the worst things and that this is part of life. Forcing us to relive the hardest moment in our minds and to see our pain, humiliation, and anger all over again. Allowing the worst incidents in our lives to be our fault.   How can someone look within his or herself and find that optimistic view of life?

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Most people have the belief, to not discuss suicide with a depressed person or someone who has been through some traumatic experiences.  In fear, the person will commit the act. People will make indirect statements about wanting to harm him or herself.

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Helping a Loved One Through Trauma

Who will offer these people with the emotionally and mentally supportive during this time?  Unfortunately, everyone will not seek out professional help for many reasons. Instead, they will lean on the shoulders of a loved one, a friend or someone trustworthy.  

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Elaine Smith