Jevita Hamiliton

My goal is to provide a relaxing, safe environment, where you are free to journey toward your intended destination. Each conversation is tailored specifically for the individual, understanding that you are unique and through effective communication, together we will find your counseling style. Time is taken to get to know you before asking about problems and offering solutions. First-time visitors can expect to complete an intake packet, which takes approximately 15 minutes. After the packet is completed, relax. Wait time is usually less than 10 minutes.

As a therapist, together we will look at the entire person, offering a holistic approach in every conversation. Understanding that you are a multi-dimensional individual and time will be taken to get to know all aspects of your whole person.

Often times, we as humans, lead a very busy life not free from severe life stress. Sometimes it seems we have tried everything and are just shy of reaching our goal. Reaching out to a counselor can be overwhelming, because you really want to find someone that you can connect with and have flexibility with your busy schedule.

 As Georgia State University trained LCSW, whose practiced for over ten years, it's my goal to offer flexible services that fits within your lifestyle. Evening and weekend hours are available.

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Janice Boykin - Miles, LCSW

Mrs. Boykin-Miles who prefers to be called Janice is a pioneer in the field of Social Services working for the State of Illinois in various capacities including Caseworker, Child Welfare Specialist, Child Protection Investigator,s Public Service Adm., CWS Trainer (at the Dept. of Children & Family Serv.), Part-time University Lecturer (at GSU) and a Medical Social Worker at Advocate Health Care.

As a seasoned Social Worker, Janice continues to provide therapeutic services as an LCSW who believes in continuing her own professional development. She is passionate and dedicated to enhance the lives of others by providing guidance, counseling and education to individuals and families. She specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Religious Family Therapy.

Janice is experienced and specializes in providing therapeutic services to individuals and families of diverse backgrounds with cultural sensitivity. She also specializes with working with marginalized individuals and their families.

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Nikki Taylor, LPC

I specialize in individual and family therapy with a focus on working with the underserved population, and children with behavioral problems. My background includes working with children, adolescents, and adults who are at-risk and non at-risk in a variety of settings such as schools, inpatient & outpatient, Head Start and Early Childhood programs.

I have a strong background in behavioral therapy that allows me the ability to assist people in developing a holistic approach in treatment. In my clinical setting, I like to incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques, expressive therapy, talk therapy, and solution focused therapy. However, I adjust my theoretical orientation based upon my clients presenting problems. I feel that it is important to remain open minded, unbiased, empathetic, and show unconditional positive regard when communicating with individuals.

My unique, lively, and unconventional personality aids in building a strong rapport with clients to help them feel comfortable confiding in me. I seek to serve as a catalyst to help promote positive growth and change within each individual. It is imperative that individuals have the willingness to get involved and stay committed throughout the entire therapeutic process in order to receive optimal results. My experience to foster and nurture the development of children, adolescents and adults has allowed me to discover my personal interest to care for others.

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